Our mission

Redefine Third Party Property
Damage Solutions

Our approach to third-party property damage (TPPD) sets us apart from others and consistently achieves unparalleled results within the industry. Our unwavering commitment to excellence sets the standard to provide our clients with peace of mind and exceptional value.

Outstanding technical expertise

We’re more than just TPPD claims experts, we’re also the UK’s only company solely specialising in TPPD, offering in-house building expertise for turnkey, one-stop solutions and specialist claims handling where a claim is cash settled.

Excellent customer service

Across our business, in every team from our Civil Engineers, Project Managers to our in-house Site Operatives and technical claims handling team, we offer award-winning customer service and outstanding satisfaction.

Unbeatable company culture

We know the value of a culture where everyone feels heard and ideas can come from anywhere, which is why we invest in our employee development and wellbeing.

Our service

“Quirky is
our business”

We’re different, and for good reason. We pride ourselves on disrupting a traditionally stuffy, underserved sector dominated by firms who awkwardly retro-fit first-party processes to TPPD claims. We are the UK’s leading TPPD specialist, offering in-house building and claims expertise while providing industry-leading processes, customer service and repair standards.

We’re deeply invested in our staff, our community and our environment and are determined to use our success to empower others. For a breath of fresh air for your TPPD claims, just reach out to us today.

  • Award-winning customer service
  • In-house building expertise
  • UK’s leading TPPD specialist offering in-house building and claims expertise

The stats

The numbers speak for themselves

All the talk in the world is worthless without the numbers to back it up, so, here they are!


Over 100 years combined experience

Across our expert, in-house teams, we boast more than a century of combined experience in all the skillsets we need to provide a turnkey TPPD claims process.


Current Net Promoter Score

We collect customer feedback for every TPPD repair we conduct and have an almost 100% satisfaction from countless happy customers.


We’re the TPPD experts

Artemis is the only UK company with a national network of in-house site-operatives and experts that solely specialise in Third-Party Property Damage intervention. So, we never try to fit a third-party case through a first-party process.

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About Artemis

We are one
of a kind

We are the UK’s only company solely specialising in TPPD, with in-house technical Claims Handlers, Project Managers, Civil Engineers, qualified Surveyors and our own property repairs team. We’re uniquely positioned to tackle your TPPD needs with care and efficiency.


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Read the latest third-party satisfaction notes and discover what the property owners have to say about their experiences with us.

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