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Tools Down, Speak Up

At Artemis, we put our people at the heart of everything we do. From our company culture to the way we operate, our people come first, and their mental wellbeing is our top priority.

Our 3 Pledges

Artemis UK | Third Party Property Damage Repairs | Insurance Claims Handling

Encourage the Conversation

Break the stigma. Normalise checking in on your friends and colleagues – don’t just ask if they’re okay, ask twice.

Artemis UK | Third Party Property Damage Repairs | Insurance Claims Handling

Listen without judgement

It’s vital to make sure the right support is available to those who need it, whether it’s an ear to listen or something more.

Artemis UK | Third Party Property Damage Repairs | Insurance Claims Handling

Champion change

Proactive, not reactive. We’re here to prove that all you need to champion change is a little sunlight, honesty and unashamed conversation.

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Our Chosen Charity

The Lighthouse Club


The Lighthouse Club and their ‘Help inside the Hard Hat’ campaign is very close to our hearts. As the only charity providing support to construction workers, the Lighthouse Club is paving the way to break the stigma surrounding mental health within the construction industry. Offering key pro-active support services and resources such as their 24/7 Construction Industry Helpline app for those who just need someone to listen. It is time to start putting mental health at the forefront of construction.

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We have created an environment at Artemis where everyone has a voice, and everyone is heard. Our team makes our company what it is, and we are hugely appreciative of the hard work, passion and loyalty within the company. Through this we are able to deliver the best possible service to our clients through an offering that is ever evolving. We welcome new ideas, approaches and values which ensure we offer a holistic approach to the workplace.

When it all feels a little overwhelming and you need to talk to someone, head over to one of these resources.
Don’t be afraid to reach out, we’ll help however we can.

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